The Best Highlights From Maison&Objet 2022

International fair of interior design, decoration and lifestyle, Maison&Objet has as its theme the “New Luxury”—and the promise is to deliver products, innovations and put on the map, new and talented designers in an experience never seen before. For visitors, the exhibition offers 14 sectors with installations by renowned names in the design universe, showing the best in products and innovation; in addition to 23 lectures and workshops, four new spaces curated from this season's novelties, and the long-awaited Rising Talents Awards Japan


Inspired by the fair's 2022 theme, Zagas blends luxury design with its historical connection to nature, all while honoring noble materials like wood and iron. Ceramics are also increasingly associated with a luxurious look, one of the main materials used in our pieces, such as the Emerald TV panel!

The 700m2 space reserved for Portuguese companies will be located in hall 6 of Maison & Objet. An area full of Portuguese home products. Coordinated by APIMA and AICEP and curated by interior designer, Tânia Peixoto, the exhibition will include more than 100 products from about 40 companies, seeking to promote the values of distinction, daring, and complementarity that define this industry. 

Franklin Azzi was selected Designer of the Year for the September 2020 edition, however the award ceremony was postponed to March 2022. As a result, the architect, and designer will present RETRO FUTUR, a study of his creative process.

Resonating Microcosms-Solidified Light Color

The immersive experience is curated by TeamLab, an international, interdisciplinary art collective responsible for creating the world's first digital art museum, located in Tokyo, Japan. The intention is to show how people's behavior, as well as the presence of rain or wind, for example, impacts the transformation of spaces. Here, every touch interferes in the color and light of the oval objects. Another objective is to explore technology in a way that it increases the connection between people, without giving up creativity and autonomy.

La Plage Beach Club

French architect Tristan Auer paid tribute to the well-being of living near the sea. For this, he was inspired by the language of post-war French beaches, with pastel colors and a lot of nostalgia. The focus on these memories is a way to create refuges, to inspire us, and to provide hope, according to trend scholars.

Spoon Restaurant

Italian designer, Paola Navone, signs a restaurant whose main inspiration was the spoon. The utensil not only decorates one of the main walls of the space, in its various types and sizes, but is also present in the functional table. The design is irreverent: cutlery exposed as in a showcase or a museum, surrounded by glass jars and with an acrylic top. 

So Home Hotel

Goodmoods media delivers its version of the contemporary luxury hotel in parallel with "Renewal of luxury," the annual theme of the Maison & Objet 2022 show. Through six distinct spaces, inspired by the Grand Budapest Hotel, 2001: A Space Odyssey and wabi-sabi, visitors will discover numerous design references, both well-known and little-known.

Café Uchronia

Exceptionally free of any partnership with a brand, the space was entrusted to Julien Sebban and his team, who had carte blanche to transform it. “ I wanted to deconstruct the genre, break down the walls to invite all visitors to sit with us, or failing that, delight the eyes with our beautiful colors,” explains the designer. Unlike a classic fairground bar, the Uchronia café offers original drinks by Nuances and tasty dishes by chef Julien Sebbag.

Rising Talents Awards 

Maison & Objet 2022 dedicates its Rising Talents Awards competition to the Land of the Rising Sun. Thus, five Japanese creatives display their ambitions at the entrance of hall 6, selected by renowned architect Kengo Kuma. “ Although each designer has his or her own area of expertise, we observed that they all have a multidisciplinary expression of design. In their digital creations, they try to incorporate an authentic sense of touch. We realize that this trend is universal, but the more digital advances, the more design extracts a new dimension from it and leads to innovative experiences. This is what makes us want to know more about these profiles.

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