Le Jules Verne - Dining Inside The Eiffel Tower

Paris will forever be a perfect option for a getaway weekend or just a little downtime to clear your mind. Featuring many exclusive experiences such as luxury restaurants, insightful art galleries, and exquisite events, it’s one of the most sought-after destinations for design lovers.

One of those luxury restaurants is the Le Jules Verne! Recently revamped with a new interior design, this modern restaurant is located inside the crown jewel of the city of lights: the Eiffel Tower.

Located on the second floor, with direct access via a private elevator on the south pillar, this luxury restaurant—named for the celebrated French novelist, poet, and playwright— reopened recently, entirely refurbished by architect and interior designer Aline Asmar d’Amman, founder of Culture in Architecture.

The modern design gently echoes the architectural beauty of Paris with details that evoke the different visual idioms of the French capital. Working in a serene color scheme of grey, silver, pearl, and stormy blue accented with black metals, silver, and gold, Asmar d’Amman conceived a look for the three dining rooms. Quai Branly, Trocadéro, and Champs de Mars, the latter offering the best views, showcase the brute power of the monument’s engineering but refines it with the lightness of custom-designed furniture by Culture in Architecture. Black steel chairs in the bar area, part of the Iron Lady furniture line her firm developed for the project, are inspired by the allure of the Eiffel Tower.

In the main dining room of the luxury restaurant, French brushed-oak tables with mother-of-pearl powder inlay are surrounded by dove-grey wooden tub seats with woven cane backs and velvet cushions or rounded grey velvet upholstered sofas. Seven white plaster circle lights, inspired by the graphics of the Eiffel Tower’s mechanics, on the hand-painted ceiling, reference the massive mechanical wheels that power the tower’s elevators, including the private south pillar one that takes diners up to Le Jules Verne.

Three-Michelin-starred chef Frédéric Anton (of Le Pré Catelan in the Bois de Boulogne) is at the helm of the City of Light’s highest luxury restaurant, soaring 410 feet above the city. With some six million visitors every year, around 80 percent of whom are foreigners, Chef Anton wants his cuisine to mirror France’s “culinary excellence,” he says. Revisiting the great classics with seasonal and local products, Anton intends to create a gastronomic experience in the arts décoratifs tradition, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Ultimately, the elegant, high-altitude collaboration of Asmar d’Amman and Anton has exquisitely renewed one of the best luxury restaurants of Paris for the 21st century. 

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