Kelly Wearstler Presents Her New Furniture Collection

Kelly Wearstler, the most glamorous of decorators and designers, has released a new collection that is an eclectic and unexpected mix of Japanese, French, and Italian elements. Not to mention the inherent Californian flair.

Following the successful debut of an online Gallery idea last year, world-renowned American designer Kelly Wearstler has unveiled her Spring Summer Furniture Collection 2022, which includes a variety of spectacular furniture and decor pieces.

Kelly teams up with long-time creative partner, LA-based ceramist Morgan Peck, for an artistic project called 'Contour,' as part of her commitment to supporting emerging artists.

As part of Peck's body of work, the collection includes nine pieces of ceramic art ranging from vases to bowls, plates, candlesticks, and large-scale mirrors. Peck's trademark freehand style, which is a mix of her love for brutalist and minimalist architecture and her experience creating small, abstract sculptures, is evident in both the sculptural and practical works.

The 'Morro Collection,' which consists of furniture series with rounded forms and textured upholstery, is also part of the SS22 collection's latest release. Each object takes on a monolithic form as if cut from one piece, inspired by designs that dominated French and Italian furniture design in the 1970s. The pieces are low-profile in nature, balanced on spherical solid wood feet, and the lounge chairs and sofas appear to float easily above ground, drawing further worldly influence from mid-century Japanese furnishings. 

Wearstler has stayed committed to promoting and nurturing personal relationships with new artists in the Los Angeles region throughout her distinguished career. The collaboration, which is an outstanding work in clay, incorporates historical themes and satisfies the artistic language that both Kelly Wearstler and Morgan Peck are committed to. Wearstler's online Gallery,, is the only place to find the collections.

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