Get Inspired By These Home Design Ideas

One of Zagas" missions is to inspire and help you bring to life any contemporary aesthetic with modern pieces. To showcase design inspirations where comfort and ergonomy are combined with quality furniture pieces and accessories. Discover some of our suggestions for elegant ambiances, featuring some of Zagas" showstopping furniture designs!

The Megan collection was inspired by Mother Nature and her ability to create and regenerate. The shapes are organic, simple, and balanced. The pieces are made of wood, with iron finishes and details, that blend seamlessly into any environment, creating the impression of an organic form.

The use of ceramics in the creation of this collection is part of Zagas commitment to revamp its designs, while not compromising the minimalist essence of modern decor! A perfect addition to any classic and exquisite ambiance

The Soleil Dining Table is a furniture piece that represents Zagas" pledge to not only honor noble materials but also welcome a new era of design with exclusive pieces of elegant and contemporary character. 

A staple in most of Zagas" designs, the Soleil dining table features a combination of wood, iron, and ceramic. The possibilities are endless, as Zagas" ability to adapt to our clients" needs is truly reflected in the almost infinite options available of finishes and measures. 

Emerald portrays the subtlety of woodworking, with geometric shapes inspired by the shape of the most precious jewels. The metal edges demonstrate the sobriety and maturity of Zagas, with an authentic and contemporary design

Combined with the Iberis II dining table, both pieces highlight each other"s modern details. 

Everyone knows that the bigger the more beautiful, and that"s especially true when it comes to 2022 furniture trends. In furniture, patterns, and architecture, the angular and geometric shapes popular in recent years are being replaced by softer, wavy lines

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