Discover the advantages of coplanar doors on the Mikadu Sideboard

The coplanar doors, featured on the Mikadu Sideboard, represent a revolutionary approach to accessibility and design. But what exactly are coplanar doors? Simply put, they are doors that smoothly slide in line with the furniture itself, creating a seamless and uninterrupted surface when closed. This clever concept not only lends a clean and elegant look to the sideboard but also offers several practical advantages that make it an exceptional choice for any space.

Space optimization

In homes where every inch counts, efficient use of space is crucial. Coplanar doors allow the Mikadu Sideboard to be placed flush against walls or other furniture without compromising accessibility. There's no need to worry about doors swinging open, meaning you can fully utilize the space around the sideboard without restrictions.

Clean aesthetic

Aesthetic-wise, one of the great advantages of coplanar doors is their seemingly smooth appearance, creating the illusion of a single door. When perfectly aligned with the body of the sideboard, they create a uniform and minimalist surface that complements any decor style.

Added functionality

With coplanar doors, access to the interior of the sideboard is easy and convenient. There are no visible handles or knobs to interrupt the elegant design, just a gentle touch is enough to reveal what's stored inside, maintaining aesthetic harmony.

Versatile usage

Whether in the living room, entryway, or even in the office, the Mikadu Sideboard with coplanar doors is a versatile piece that adapts to a variety of spaces and needs. Use it to store dishes, documents, decorative objects, and more, always with style and practicality.

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