Discover the New Capri Collection

In furniture, we increasingly look for pieces that combine storage, functionality, and quality, while also bringing design elements that will elevate our spaces. The Capri Collection is exactly that! All the pieces have numerous compartments to keep your home organized, and the facade features a new finish, available only for the details of the pieces, that transforms the entire collection.

Want to know more? Keep reading to discover some of the key pieces that are part of the new Capri Collection!

Coplanar Doors are an innovative element adopted by ZAGAS in some other collections. Besides the cleaner look, coplanar doors are the perfect choice when you don't have much space to work with. You can customize the details with the fantastic finishes available, opting for either a more discreet or a bolder look.

The Small Cabinet is a new addition to the ZAGAS collection. Perfect for storing your favorite books or even setting up an alternative bar if you don't have much space available. Its size doesn't prevent it from standing out because it features the same details on the facade as the other pieces in the collection. The Small Cabinet is a very versatile addition to the new collection and can be adjusted to different rooms in the house.

As with all other ZAGAS collections, the TV Stand couldn't be missing. With the usual opening at the back of the unit for all the cables, the Capri TV Stand has two tilting doors, which means they open towards you, downwards. You can easily organize all your electronic devices, movies, games, and much more.

The Capri Dining Table is perfect for transforming your dining room. With a single oval leg and a large rectangular top, this table stands out for its innovative and elegant design. The ceramic details on the top add a sophisticated and unique touch. This table provides the ideal environment for gathering family and friends, allowing you to enjoy special moments with comfort and beauty.

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