How To Use Color In Your Home Design

Even if black and white is timeless, we can't get enough of the excitement of playing with color in our houses. Color isn't an all-or-nothing affair, after all. Bright and vivid colors can instantly liven up a place and create a vibrant, joyous mood, even when utilized in tiny amounts. So, whether you're a color-averse neutrals devotee or a color maximalist unsure where to begin, we're here to tell you that mastering color in your home is simple. We're sharing our favorite color-infusing ideas, from paint and wallpaper to furniture and decor.

Keep it Simple


We understand how intimidating the paint aisle can be, but before you succumb to swatch terror, follow this bit of advice: choose a primary and secondary hue for a space, and then tie them in with accents and decor whenever possible. Starting with a primary and secondary color will keep the area from getting too cluttered and help you maintain balance as you add decorative objects. If having two main colors is already too much for you, try an accent wall or a small shape mural.

Use Art, Rugs + Furniture as Anchors


Using larger decorative items as a starting point is a terrific method to guarantee that the room's colors are consistent and coordinated throughout. Take color cues from the artwork in the room and build from there, with a preference for large color blocks in your furniture and walls to compliment the artwork. Use essential furniture items or a statement rug as your color palette's north star, even if you're not decorating around your art collection. Make a statement with a color-blocked accent chair and a corresponding paint color, or discover your accent color in your living room's area rug's multi-toned hues. Having a color anchor will undoubtedly get the wheels in motion.

Use Architecture as Your Cheat Sheet

Are there architectural characteristics or peculiarities in your space that you're not sure how to deal with? They turn out to be ideal vehicles for splashes of color. Using architectural aspects in some locations while ignoring them in others allows you to pick and choose what you need to attain harmony. Wainscoting, wall panels, chair rails, built-ins, and lighting coves are all great places to try out color combinations that will highlight the room's structural characteristics!

Punctuate with Throw Pillows, Planters + Other Decor Accents


Be aware of patterns. Keeping the “noise” levels down by avoiding extremely complex or detailed patterns helps to produce something vivid and strong without the headache. Instead of going crazy with vivid patterns, use them as tiny accents around the area.

Consider Temporary Wallpaper

A temporary, removable wallpaper option will save you time and money if you're a tenant who wants to add some color without having to repaint your entire apartment on moving day. There are a plethora of contemporary patterns to pick from that will provide color and visual interest to your walls without overwhelming the space. Use it as a feature wall or to draw attention to architectural details in the room.

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