How Interior Designer Ryan Korban Gave New Life To His NYC Townhouse

Defined by a mix of classic luxury, and urban cool Korban strives to creative spaces that surpass trends to redefine traditional design for a new generation. Ryan Korban and his partner renovated their Upper East Side duplex apartment from top to bottom the first time they moved in, painting the duplex pale grey and custom creating much of their furniture. He had no idea that he would have to redecorate again in a short time.

He still didn"t feel at ease despite all of his modifications. He recognized he was missing something from his past homes, something eclectic, and he discovered the difference between decorating with beautiful objects and living in the home you decorate every day. For a designer like him, the decisions he"d taken appeared to be safe. Desiring to make the space even more personal and daring, he decided to remodel it, and this time he would do it in a way that would make a real impact in his daily life. As an artist, he is also experiencing a shift as a result of the current remodeling.

Ryan Korban is an interior designer who rose to prominence a decade ago and is now known for his residential work with celebrities such as Ye (Kanye West) and James Franco. His design style is perfectly represented by the neutral colors, striking furniture, and luxurious materials like marble and fur. He overcame his "phobia of color" during the restoration of his NYC townhouse by using less vivid hues.

One of the first pieces he designed was a black leather Crescent sofa, which he used in his living room. Ryan"s whimsical personality shines through in the design of his Holland chairs. Another significant piece is a plaster and bronze chandelier by Eric Schmitt, which was Korban"s first purchase from the artist when he first became able to afford one.

Many features and design elements draw attention to themselves and represent the designer. He transformed this NYC townhouse into exactly the place he desired with the new re-decorating. He went from a place where he thought he would never contemplate living to one where he might never want to leave.

Source: Vogue Living

Photography: Stephen Kent Johnson

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