How to Choose The Perfect Holiday Colour Scheme

Holidays are the ideal time of year to get inventive and demonstrate your excellent decorating abilities. While red and green are still among the most popular colour combinations to use while decorating your home, there are a variety of other colour options that will just as quickly put you in the holiday spirit. Your Christmas decorations can look however you want them to, from monochromatic to multicoloured and everything in between. To upgrade your holiday decor, we've selected a few colour palette tips and tricks.

Where to begin when considering Christmas interior design? The truth of it is that your holiday decoration ideas shouldn’t veer too far from the path that you’ve chosen for the rest of your home. If they were to, they would instantly feel out of sync, off-kilter and not at ease with the rest of your decor. That’s the golden rule—stay true to your tastes when it comes to the style of your festive interior.

This being said, remember that when it comes to colour schemes, there’s more manoeuvrability. If your home has lots of colour, don’t feel as though your festive decoration ideas must follow suit. In fact, selecting more muted colours or sticking to one shade throughout, from baubles to garlands, might be preferable. It stops things from becoming too busy. 

Similarly, picture a home with a palette of deep greys and crisp whites. Here, a tree decorated in white will undoubtedly work, but opting for a pop of colour will be a welcome surprise. Imagine antiqued golds and bottle-green.

If you’re stuck for ideas or are hoping to add further fuel to the ones you already have, be sure to check out:

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