Fiore Collection: A Sensory Journey Blending Wood and Ceramic

ZAGAS proudly presents its third new collection of 2023, Fiore. The curved lines and rounded cuts symbolize the contemporaneity of this collection, which was launched at the Hábitat Valčncia Fair (FHV). It represents a modern approach to design, combining a different and creative aesthetic with the high quality that is common to all ZAGAS collections. The new pieces offer delicacy and elegance to any interior and are an excellent ally in organizing your home.

Fiore is a journey through the sensory experience of the overlap of wood and the mesmerizing patterns of ceramic slabs. Its structure ensures stability and durability, built with high-quality materials enhanced by our craftsmen.

Ceramic doors make a return to the range of customization options offered by ZAGAS, giving the Fiore Collection a distinctive and elegant touch. The ceramic edges are also rounded, a meticulous craftsmanship that requires unparalleled attention to detail, guaranteeing an exemplary look.

The Display Cabinets in the Fiore Collection feature a unique design compared to other collections. The Fiore Display Cabinet has two doors, a wooden shelf, and a niche with a glass one in the front where you can showcase your favorite decorations. The Tall Display Cabinet, on the other hand, includes four glass shelves and four wooden ones. This provides more storage space and compartments to organize your everyday items.

With the Fiore Collection, two new finishes have been introduced - Walnut and Calacatta Oro Gloss Ceramic - which, aside from being sophisticated, represent ZAGAS' innovative approach to the current market changes. Walnut, with its darker and richer tone, features irreplicable natural lines.

The New Fiore Collection is composed by two Display Cabinets, two TV Cabinets, one Sidebaord and the Soleil Dining Table in Walnut

With functionality and safety in mind, ZAGAS recommends that all products from the Fiore Collection be securely wall-mounted, as they are designed and equipped to facilitate this.

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