The Design Trends To Follow In 2023 Based On Your Astrological Sign

Each astrological sign has its own tastes in home design, often according to which element it belongs to. Fire signs like Aries often opt for bold statement colors. Earth signs, including Taurus, feel at home around the earthy colors of nature. Air signs such as Libra lean towards minimalist neutrals and white. Water signs like Pisces tend to prefer cool blue tones. How will the big planetary movements affect your home design in 2023?

ARIES (21 March-20 April)

This year sees you taking charge of your lifestyle, with Jupiter in your sign until May. It's all about being seen, taking control and causing a stir. Even neutrals-loving Aries types won't be able to resist a wild pop-of-color. When Jupiter swings into Taurus, (from mid-May for the rest of the year) you'll want to add statement items that also have long-term value and heirloom potential. Aries copy no one, but where you go, others tend to follow. Just beware of going overboard on a style that isn't really you. If not, when Jupiter hits reverse from September to December, you might have buyer’s remorse and another expensive remodel to fit your new home decor taste on your hands.

TAURUS (21 April-21 May)

By mid-May, you're likely to go big when it comes to outward expressions of who you are. Jupiter moves into your sign in May to stay until the end of the year, so you'll want to surround yourself with everything you love. Velvets, silks and linens in rich, deep, jewel-like and earthy colors that don't scream luxury, they purr it. The hues you see in nature: emerald, violet, chocolate browns & earthy tones may be your colors of choice. With Uranus in your sign, you'll want to add elements that surprise and stimulate. Think: electric blue accents, a neon sign, and state-of-the-art electronics. Venus will visit your home zone from June to October, so in 2023 make it sumptuous.

GEMINI (22 May-21 June)

Your sign's symbol, the twins, makes you feel comfortable having matching pairs of items around you. Since you need light and space so you can read, stylish lighting is a key asset for your home. Flexibility and dual-purpose items make you swoon, so sofas that double-up as beds or easy stacking chairs are ideal for you. You might make a feature of a bookcase, organizing by color co-ordinating the spines of your often abundant book collections. Since your home zone is ruled by eco-worrier and warrior Virgo, anything that's planet-friendly, recycled or upcycled will float your boat. Upgrading your technology will be a strong investment pull when Venus enters your communication zone (between June and October).

CANCER (22 June-22 July)

As a Water sign, the colors of a calm sea add a feeling of peace and tranquillity to your home. Hints of pearlescent white or barely pink shell-like tones, plus silver and dove gray, all bring a feminine retro feel to where and how you live. Your home zone is ruled by Libra: the sign of balance, harmony, and beauty – these are strong elements in your ideal abode. Distressed white wood furniture that looks like it's been gently washed by the tide may make a change from your more traditional take on home decor. Relationships feel warmer this year as Saturn moves out of your partnership zone. Spending money to upgrade your space to make room for a (potentially permanent) Plus One is a good investment.

LEO (23 July-23 August)

A Leo's home is a place where you can unleash your dark side, the part of you the world outside doesn't tend to see. It can be a space to unwind, unravel at times, and let your public persona slip. With the planet Venus in your sign between June and October, your home design may feature a strong romantic theme. Bold colors, statement pieces, and a lot of bling are all part of your trademark style. You don't like to follow trends, you set them. The Sun, sand and gold are likely to be your main color themes when it comes to decorating your home. Framed photos of yourself and your friends and family will be plentiful in your home, too.

VIRGO (24 August-22 September)

A typical Virgo abode will look and smell divine. Shelves, storage are a Virgo passion, and having only what you believe to be useful or beautiful in your space is your signature home decor style. Although, with Sagittarius ruling your home zone, a propensity for owning too many books, stuff, and clutter is possibly closer to the truth. Pluto's impact on Earth could see you investing big-time in innovative ways to save the planet. In keeping with your Nature-goddess vibe, white, organic green and earthy neutrals are the perfect palettes for your sign. Hand-made accessories from natural fibers should not only add home comfort, but will please your eyes, ease your conscience and soothe your soul.

LIBRA (23 September-23 October)

Pluto will leave your home zone in March, so you may wish to revolutionize how or ever where you live. Soft colors, warm lights, a sense of space and clarity suits your Air sign approach. The simple message for your home design style is 'beauty'. One of the top ten things that will never change is your desire to arrange your furniture for easy communication: think sumptuous sofas. Loud colors and bold prints will kill your serene vibe, as well as hard edges. In 2023, you could feel overlooked or overwhelmed by romantic partners, who may seem more full-on and self-absorbed this year thanks to Jupiter and the Moon's influence. Asserting your independence, even through your sense of home style, is essential to make relationships flow easily.

SCORPIO (24 October-22 November)

A living space that feels healthy and energizing is a priority thanks to expansive Jupiter in your well-being zone for the first half of 2023. Warm things up with deep plum and dark raspberry accent options instead. Add the mystery and drama you love with richly textured and tactile fabrics that suggest sensuality. As Mercury moves into your relationship zone, your boudoir may veer towards subtle Venetian splendor with layers of brocade-style throws and pillows. Or you might upgrade to a four-poster bed with its own fabric curtains to ensure privacy and intimacy. Astronomers are urging you to channel your inner extravagance and gothic geek-chic and go for a full-on individual and luxurious look in your home this year. Your usual style can be almost minimalist, but with Saturn's restrictions now out of the picture and Pluto in situ, the cosmos is urging you towards extravagance.

SAGITTARIUS (23 November -21 December)

If you're a Sagittarius, your home is often more at home with the thought of travel. If you can't get away, bring a taste of your desired destination into your living space. Turkish rugs or Moroccan foot stools could hit the right decor note. Have a wall of your own travel photos or paintings of places you've visited and things you've seen. Or are you looking for inspiration for those places that are still on your bucket list for 2023? Your bookshelves will say a lot about your wide-ranging interests, especially interspersed with a display of weird and wonderful objects you've collected on your travels. Your ruler Jupiter is your well-being zone for the second half of the year, so you might upgrade your kitchen area to promote healthy eating.

CAPRICORN (22 December-20 January)

Your Capricorn home is likely to feel solid, secure, structured and simple. You're more likely to own pieces that have been in your family for decades. As an Earth sign, you may have a fondness for muted hues and hard-wearing fabrics and furnishings that are made to last. If you must have accessories, stone sculptures or hand-crafted artisan wooden platters are likely to please your aesthetic. Jupiter's influence could mean you accidentally bag an antique that could be sold on for a profit. You'll be back to loving what you have and having what you love around you, once Jupiter moves on. Prepare to pleasantly surprise yourself with your practical creativity under the influence of Uranus.

AQUARIUS (21 January-18 February)

Saturn is moving out of your sign, and you'll get your 'breaking with tradition' mojo back this year. This will reveal itself in your personal style, as well as in what you surround yourself with in your home environment. With a fascination with technology and gadgets, most if not all of your entertainment is likely to be digital. Electric blue, turquoise, silver, and white make up the typical color palette for your sign. Perspex chairs and eclectic sofas that look divine but aren't necessarily comfortable are your signature style. With Pluto moving into your sign this year, your tastes are sure to be transformed. You're likely to go retro with mid-century furniture that looks like an old sci-fi film's idea of what 21st-century interiors would look like.

PISCES (19 February-20 March)

Since you're a Water sign, you're most at home when you decorate using sea-themed colors. Surround yourself with shades of aquamarine and watery greens, and opt for glass decorative objects. If you live on a boat or intend to, then you could be in your ideal fantasy living space. A secluded nook in your home that is for your use only is vital. Bathing and sleeping areas should be places to soothe your soul. Add a yoga mat and soothing music, and perhaps make it a place to play a musical instrument or figure out some dance moves.

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