The Aesthetic of Modern Design

Modern design arose in the early 20th century as a reaction against the ornate and heavily embellished styles that had dominated previous eras. The movement sought to emphasize efficiency, simplicity, and the beauty of simple lines. This philosophy gave birth to a new type of furniture, where the focus was on creating pieces that were both functional and beautiful. The aesthetic that clean lines create is one of elegance and sophistication. The simplicity of form makes a sense of order and balance, while the absence of ornamentation emphasizes the inherent beauty of the materials themselves. The result is a sense of understated luxury. STATERA COLLECTION An ode to modern design, the Statera Collection features an earthy color palette, rich in hues inspired by nature itself. Ceramic table tops uplift rather simple lines. Statera is latin for balance, precisely the inspiration behind these designs. The collection is focused on functionality and simplicity, with a minimal structure.

ZAGAS' FAVORITE INTERIOR DESIGNERS FOR MODERN SPACES JEAN-LOUIS DENIOT A master of clean design. Jean-Louis Deniot’s work is characterized by a sleek, minimalist aesthetic that emphasizes the use of natural materials like wood and stone. His designs are always functional and practical, yet never lose their sense of style and sophistication from previous periods and elegant color palettes. PATRICIA URQUIOLA Unmistakable feminine features, blended with bold geometric shapes and effortless lines. Patricia Urquiola's designs are visually stunning, with an emphasis on functionality and comfort. Her Interiors do not shy on patterns and a touch of sensual extravagance. CATARINA ROSAS Interior Designer at Casa do Passadiços, Catarina Rosas privileges the use of natural light with a focus on contemporary design. The studio's use of clean and geometric shapes creates a sense of minimalism and sophistication, blending traditional and modern elements. KELLY HOPPEN Kelly Hoppen's designs are characterized by a sleek, minimalist aesthetic, with an emphasis on neutral colors and natural materials. Her work often features clean lines and geometric shapes, creating a sense of simplicity and order that is both calming and elegant. You can explore the Full Statera Collection here.

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