9 Portuguese Furniture Brands You Want In Your Home Design

On the interiors-brands-to-know circuit, Portuguese furniture is quietly but steadily gaining traction. Despite a lengthy craft-rich history (ranging from hand printed pottery and Arraiolos rugs to rush seat and linen weaving) and a remarkable back catalog of the industry"s best makers, its reputation has long remained one that"s known but rarely spoken about. But all of that is about to change. 

Come celebrate with us, nine of Portugal"s finest furniture producers.

ANA ROQUE INTERIORS is a Portuguese brand created in 1996 by Ana Roque, a recognized interior designer with extensive experience in developing furniture and lighting for international partners in several countries. Her pieces are largely appreciated for their unique design and high quality, thanks to a team of experts who follow the steps of the art of Portuguese furniture

With a comprehensive portfolio and a creative vision that combines functionality and sophistication, Cristina Jorge de Carvalho takes the lead of her homonymous atelier, creating tailor-made projects in the areas of Architecture and Interior Design. Each project is designed as unique, having the client’s personality and lifestyle, as well as the space needs, as the main inspirations. An eclectic and contemporary approach, where the sobriety of design and comfort find harmony.

António Rocha was the visionary who prepared the ground for the possibility of EPOCA one day being born. He created a custom furniture company, something that in 1947 was considered innovative, and two generations later, the company was passed on to José Rocha. José Rocha, the current president, is the founder of the EPOCA® brand, giving continuity to the taste for made-to-measure. The know-how of the family business has been passed on from generation to generation, and José Rocha manages the company together with his sons Luís Rocha and Diogo Rocha. 

Essential Home’s goal is to create the ultimate time-traveling experience inside a single space. They want to create the perfect blend between the past and the present by creating mid-century modern furniture pieces that include a contemporary twist. Their handmade pieces provide you with an infinite possibility to transform and adopt all the designs, let your imagination run free, and be creative with your projects.

Market leader in Portugal, Fenabel is a furniture company that strongly bets on innovation and quality as distinctive marks of its products. Relying on the experience of two generations, Fenabel specializes in chair production, offering a wide collection of styles and forms in two main segments—Home and Restaurant/Hotel. The alliance between the knowledge of its dedicated employees and the use of the latest technologies guarantees the comfort and reliability of its products. 

Fuschini was founded in late 2018 by two architects. The idea of producing furniture has been a dream for a long time and we thought it made sense to put it into practice at this time because they started to have their first architectural projects ready, and so they practice in a way “the total work of art”, from architecture to furniture, which for them is something fascinating. 

Mor Design is a Portuguese design brand, dedicated to honest and simple design. Their passion is to create timeless and durable pieces, lasting for generations. The key to doing so is a balanced symbiosis between design and craftsmanship. Therefore, the brand works closely with local manufacturers using carefully selected materials.

Wood Tailors Club is a brand composed of a dozen craftsmen who strive for excellence, combining the experience and know-how of nearly 10 decades of the noblest wood production with a refined modern vision for living a classy lifestyle. Without airs and graces, Wood Tailors Club defines itself as a privileged club whose path leads to the brand"s premium world, where style, exclusivity, and quality are timeless.

Design changes and Zagas adapts itself, remaining faithful to its knowledge and the legacy inherited after more than 70 years of experience. This is a family history and one of intense wisdom and craftsmanship. Each piece portrays the acquired know-how and the responsibility of elevating the noblest materials, continuously aware of the social and environmental commitment accepted by the brand. A new era of design begins at Zagas with exclusive pieces of elegant and contemporary character, expanding the knowledge of the furniture world to its maximum potential.

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