6 Reasons To Attend Casa Decor 2022

Casa Decor 2022, one of Spain's largest interior design and design platforms, returns to its origins and celebrates its 30th edition (from April 7 to May 22) in Madrid's Salamanca district. Discover 6 reasons why you shouldn't miss this year's event. 

1. For its sustainable (and beautiful) kitchens

Kitchens are a major focus of attention at this edition of Casa Decor 2022. The strong and bright colors are back, with innovative solutions to promote sustainable living, respecting the environment and what we eat. 

2. For its return to the origins with a "twist".

This year and as could not be otherwise, craftsmanship takes a leading role in Casa Decor 2022. It does so in countless details, but also explicitly in spaces such as Artesanía Castilla-La Mancha and Bathco. 

3. For its chapel-inspired public bathrooms

“A great sanctuary, a cathedral shattered by the passage of time, but with a magic that is still loose.” This is how interior designer Javiescobar defines his design for the public bathrooms at Casa Decor 2022. Paint, glass, oils and tempera, and wood techniques make up the bold but spectacular result with which the creative has captured a hitherto unknown part of his imagination. Whether you have to use them or not, you can't miss them. 

4. Spa-style bathrooms (or the other way around)

The world is divided into two types of people, those who make their bathroom a center of calm and well-being—a growing trend—and those who use this area in the home to give free rein to their imagination. Whatever your type of person, Casa Decor 2022 has a bathroom for you. 

5. For the small details, which are not so small

In the project christened as Utopia you can see, almost without looking, the DNA represented by Mayice and LZF. Emotion, technology and craftsmanship, a space within a space that imagines the universe of an artist materialized through decoration. Few materials, but well-used, among which light, wood and lime stand out.

6. Because white is still king

White will always be the flag of interior design, and this is demonstrated in many of the spaces that make up this edition of Casa Decor 2022. Raw walls, fabrics, and clean pieces that generate very luminous and, at the same time, warm atmospheres. 

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