5 Bar Cabinets To For A Stylish Home Interior

When decorating luxury interiors, there are plenty of elements that instantly come to mind: modern coffee tables, contemporary dining chairs, comfy sofas or carpets. But for the entertaining aficionado, there's a statement piece capable of improving the entire lifestyle experience – Bar Cabinets. ZAGAS has gathered some of the best options, according to the high standards of quality and ultimate trends in contemporary design. 

Emerald Bar Cabinet

With an authentic and contemporary design, this bar cabinet with three doors portrays the subtlety of woodworking, with shapes inspired by precious jewels.

Be My Guest Cane Bar Cabinet by Charlotte Hřncke for Warm Nordic

An elegant, spacious wood and wicker bar cabinet with a simple metal frame. It is an exquisite item of furniture, perfect for any connoisseur who fancies a stylish bar cabinet, or any design lover dreaming of a nice little cabinet for the living room, office, or bedroom. 

Bongó Bar Cabinet by Greenapple 

Designed by Rute Martins for the Contemporary Collection, the unique musical form of the Bongó bar cabinet leaves no one indifferent. Like the echo of a drum, its elegance and perfect craftsmanship reverberate in every room.

Jazz bar cabinet by Mambo Unlimited Ideas

The Jazz bar cabinet is crafted in polished or matte lacquered wood structure and feet, brass applications and lacquered doors. It features three-dimensional designs on its doors, elegant oxidized brass handles and discreet wood feet.

Oblique Bar Cabinet

This bar cabinet is a perfect addition to any classic and exquisite ambiance. An elegant piece with distinctive details and high-quality materials.

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