5 Impressive Interior Design Projects To Discover In Portugal

Portuguese design effortlessly blends traditional heritage, with striking modernism and progressive thinking. The allure of craftsmanship combined with art are increasingly leading Portuguese Design beyond borders. But not only overseas can you admire the best of modern design, made in Portugal. Let us guide you on an inspiring journey through the most impressive interior design projects in this beautiful country, enjoy!

One of the most exclusive condominiums in Cascais, Portugal, Quinta Patino residence has a project by Cristina Jorge de Carvalho Architecture and Interior Design Studio. The project compounds two phases of intervention: Interior Architecture and Interior Design. The conceptual approach is a little more classical, as opposed to the usual contemporaneity of the interior designer’s projects, but without losing the guiding line of the timelessness, elegance, luxury, and eclecticism that characterize Cristina Jorge de Carvalho’s works.

From Porto, oitoemponto is an architecture and decoration agency that conquers the luxury market. They decorate custom homes, but see themselves as much more than interior designers. “We're like the priest in the confessional or the doctor and the lawyer: as soon as we meet people we have to put them at ease and tell them there's no point in hiding facts because the diagnosis will take much longer,” says Artur Miranda. The diagnosis is the kind of decoration they will propose, a gesture that always presupposes a close relationship with the clients: “Our métier has a lot to do with psychoanalysis”, adds Jacques Bec, the other half of oitoemponto

Interiors are a powerful tool for emotional empowerment. Gracinha’s journey with a client is a unique, personalized and mindful experience. An aesthete supported by a multidisciplinary and multicultural specialized team, Gracinha believes and can manifest her vision singularly.  She has spent twenty years with her husband Miguel honing how her collaboration and vision for a client can become a reality.  Together they have built a singular team capable of envisioning and executing design at the highest level.

Casa do Passadiço, the 1000m2 privileged space is the place created by Catarina Rosas, Cláudia and Catarina Soares Pereira to display their creations and ambiances, and is also their work space, where they project together with their team of designers and architects. The space reflects the lifestyle and taste of the interior designers: an historical building full of their own personal selection of furniture created by the team and also from the most exclusive contemporary international brands and designers, pieces of art, unique objects and antiques all picked personally all over the world and harmoniously presented together in this historical space.

The “butterfly effect” is the term that sums up the entire creative concept of the BessaHotel Baixa interior design. Assuming the importance of the architectural program and taking advantage of its materiality, the interior design produced a purified breath using the visual ergonomics of soft tones and noble materials. Along with the mastery of proportion, there are notes of unique design that transport us to the fantastic world of butterflies, of which we highlight the metallic mesh that runs through the entire ceiling of the entrance lobby area that intensively refers to the texture of the cocoons of butterflies. The Spa area of ​​the Hotel stands out for the quality of materials and finishes that attribute the refinement that an urban-looking hotel requires. Here the senses are refined and authenticity and well-being go hand in hand.

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