5 Dining Chairs Designed To Make A Statement

How to choose the perfect dining chairs is without a doubt one of the most popular design tips on the internet. So many factors must be considered, from the right table height to the weight of the chair to the almost unlimited aesthetic options: Arms or no arms? Upholstered or unadorned? Is mixing and matching okay? (Yes!) Discover our firm yet well-informed recommendations for dining chairs that are so cool and comfortable that your visitors may never want to leave!

Oro Dining Chair by Chris Wolston

Created over the course of the tumultuous past year (2020), Temperatureís Rising is a new body of work which represents an evolution for Chris Wolston. This transformation of functional objects into artful and whimsical fabricated work is not only a refreshing perspective shift for the public, but also an opportunity to further communicate Wolston as one of the most interesting and important multidisciplinary artists of the moment.

Alice is a wooden chair, where the possibilities are endless. Available in a wide range of woods and fabrics, this dining chair is versatile enough to enhance any dining room decor. 

Hexa by Pierre Yovanovitch

An upholstered chair with oiled solid oak or oiled dark oxidized solid oak structure. Itís a friendly piece that can fit in almost anywhere with that shape. Pierre revitalized a chair from a Swedish designer who died in 1959. It would be great at a large dining table.

A smooth chair, not only in look but also in feel, this suede dining chair is available in darker tones, such as brown and gray. The iron legs give it the final touch to fit into any industrial interior design.
Sorcerous by Chris Schanck

Thereís a richness, like an undiscovered treasure found on a sunken pirate ship. Itís the perfect combination of lavishness and deconstruction, bestowing instant swag as you swivel.

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