'Twenty', An Exhibition Of 20 Pieces Celebrating 20 Years Of Tom Dixon

A 20-year career, 20 projects, and a never-ending supply of ideas. To commemorate the brand's 20th anniversary, British designer Tom Dixon will showcase 'Twenty', an exhibition of 20 pieces at the Palazzo Serbelloni from June 7 to 12, 2022, in connection with the Salone del Mobile Milan. The exhibition 'Twenty' is a celebration of Tom Dixon Studio's creativity, innovation, and prolific design genius that has characterized Tom Dixon Studio over the last two decades.

Visitors to 'Twenty' will be able to see some of the brand's most popular ideas from its beginning two decades ago, as well as creations that have been tweaked, updated, and rethought much more recently. Dixon's prodigious portfolio and his road to becoming one of Britain's most recognized designers are explored in this exhibition, which is intellectual but forward-looking.

The exhibition offers an insight into the brand's past and future to commemorate this major milestone. 'Twenty' includes an updated Wingback chair, a Spring pendant lamp, a monumental Beat chandelier, a futuristic Melt lamp with a thin layer of aluminum, a Bird chair, a Cork mirror, a giant mycelium sculpture, an inflatable chair, and more, all on display in the neoclassical mansion that also houses Sotheby's offices and showroom.

'Twenty' delves deep into the brand's archives by showcasing a number of timeless products with a twist—each is a reflection of how the brand continuously improves its approach to sustainable design, combining Dixon's passion for longevity in his designs and his inherent curiosity about materiality.

The Manzoni (Tom Dixon's Milan hub, which includes a café, showroom, and shop) will be used as a business center for the studio's international sales teams. Tom Dixon's whole collection of best-selling designs will be on exhibit.

‘Twenty’ will be open to the public from 7 to 12 June 2022 at Palazzo Serbelloni, Corso Venezia 16.

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